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Blazing Fast and Powerful Offshore Hosting for your SPECIAL needs!

We have high powered offshore web hosting solutions perfect for YOU. Whether you have a popular business site or you have a low traffic brand new blog, CyberHour has got you covered!
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cPanel Web Hosting

Anonymous cPanel Hosting
plans that are secure, reliable, and
performing for just €4.99/month.

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Europe VPS hosting

Offshore VPS Hosting
Samsung SSDs in RAID 10 & Intel XEON CPUs
99.999% Uptime SLA for just €18.90/mo.

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers
suitable for any needs
for just €157.90/mo.

What is our goal?!

We don’t aim nor is our goal to win awards we don’t need to opt for paid “award”. What we DO objective for is providing super fast and secure hosting solutions. Our professionality and hard work helped us to earn our customers trust and recognition as a leading web hosting provider in the European Hosting Industry.

Why Get Online With Us?

The team behind CyberHour had been in the hosting industry since 2008 and rebranded to CyberHour since 2012, since then we have become a leading offshore hosting provider in Europe, providing the best hosting services and outstanding support for our managed plans.

Data Migration

Free Website Migration
If you are already hosted somewhere else
and don't know how to migrate …
Our technical specialist will take care,
and migrate your website.

High Privacy Protection

CyberHour is the European leader
in the Anonymous Hosting
among Europe VPS providers …
We are from the first who adopted Bitcoin,
so, just pay with Cryptocurrency.

Anonymous Cloud Hosting

NO LOGS, no tracking, no monitoring!
We respect the right of freedom
privacy is our priority …
Anon hosting is what we do,
with the best performance.

Any time upgrade!

Start small upgrade later
Don't know which hosting plan
suits your needs? No worries!
You can start with any plan,
and upgrade any time.

DDoS Protection

First in class DDOS protection
Backup Solutions will help simplify
the protection of your data …
Bring to the table survival strategies,
to ensure proactive domination.

Full ROOT permissions

Cyberhour's Europe VPS hosting
comes with full root access
your imagination is your limitation
Configure as per your liking,
keep backups when and if you want.

Anonymous Domain registration

We are giving you the option to register your domain anonymously!
  • Intel XEON

    All offshore VPS plans are powered by
    the fastest available INTEL XEON CPUs
    with up to 3.7Ghz per core!

    SSD Storage

    Our priority is to provide
    the best web hosting solutions witht he best performance
    We are using only Enterprise SSD storage
    from the best manufacturer in face of SAMSUNG!

    Premium Connectivity

    All nodes are connected to 1Gbps uplink
    and all offshore hosting that we provide are with up to
    200Mbps International Bandwidth speeds!

    1Tbps DDOS protection

    Premium DDOS protection which is able to block all type
    of attacks. We will do our best to keep your server online!
    (Another reason why we are the best offshore hosting provider)

  • Best Adult Hosting

    We are hosting some of the leading
    adult websites in the porn industry.
    You are allowed to host your legal adult content
    Start your next Pornhub project today! (18+ models only)!

    Read our Terms of Service

    Movie Streaming Hosting

    You want to start your own video streaming
    platform? We allow streaming of video clips on all VPS and Dedicated
    servers! Build your Youtube platform with us!

    Read our Terms of Service

    Offshore IPTV Hosting

    Want to stream your channels?
    Want to stream the next World Cup with your friends?
    Learn why we are the best IPTV hosting provider

    Best IPTV Hosting server

    No SPAM, No Phishing,No Hacking

    Let's be friends! Just don't:
    use our network for SPAM, PHISHING, CHILD PORN
    Hacking, DDOSing, Ports Scans, Spoofing

    Read our ToS and lets be Friends
  • High Privacy

    The main reason going offshore is
    that your privacy is guaranteed!
    Your goverment cannot monitor you or your activity!
    You are ANONYMOUS!


    With offshore hosting you can
    pay with your favorite cryptocurrency!
    We accept Bitcoin , Litecoin, zCash, Beam and
    many more! We are Bitcoin hosting provicer!

    Quality and Performance

    It is true that your local hosting
    providers may lack the performance and quality
    you are looking for your online business
    Offshore Hosting is way better!

    Different countries,different laws!

    Some don't allow porn content, others
    gabling , movie streaming platforms etc.
    We at CyberHour allow both!
    The SKY is NOT the limit with CyberHour!

Who we are?

Why we are the best offshore vps hosting provider? was founded back in 2012, a fast growing company based in Bulgaria (Sofia). Our priority is to provide first class offshore hosting solutions with the best performance Europe VPS hosting that is stable and reliable. We strive to make the best offers in Europe with strong privacy protection in mind! We are not monitoring and we are not keeping logs of our customers activities. The server infrastructure and the network is owned by CyberHour LTD We do NOT rent and we do NOT resell anything, also our hardware is located in Sofia Data Center (Nettera) the most secured and optimized Datacenter on the Balkans. We are strongly against the bad practice of overloading (overselling) our nodes. We prefer to have less but HAPPY customers with best performance and quality instead of providing appealing unreasonably lower prices but at the expense of quality and unstable platform. We monitor our nodes 24/7 and react instantly to performance degradations or problems.

"You pay nuts , you get monkeys"
We don't care nor we pay for Fake reviews on websites or by influencers. The trust and satisfaction of our customers is based on our Policy and high quality service as well as our strong privacy policy that allows you to have a peace of mind.
So if you need a good offshore virtual server in Bulgaria - you have come to the right place!

What hardware we are using?

Mostly Supermicro platform, Intel Xeon X3-1240v6 @ 3.8 GHz+ with 64GB DDR4 ECC 2400MHz with SSD storage based on Samsung Enterprise SSD SM863a.

Every server is connected to 1 Gbps speed port. We are upgrading periodically our general connectivity and we are reinvesting over 80% of our profits for services improvement!


They're happy about doing business with us


We're here to help. Get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can

What content I can host with you?

Any content which doesn't break our Policy.
including but not limited to Adult Content (18+ models)
Warez Hosting , Linking , Embeded Hosting
Gambling, IPTV streaming, Black , Gray , Green, Purple hats (no phishing or any illegal activity).

Do you allow sending of bulk emails from your network?

Definitely NO! We don't tolerate any type of SPAM
which include but is not limited to Bulk emailing
Unwanted emails, Marketing emails
Let's be friends, Don't SPAM from our network!

Can I do hacking or phishing through your servers?

Although we support talented persons
we do NOT allow any type of illegal hacking activity
which include but is not limited to ratting , port scanning
DDOS attacks etc.

What you mean with Unmanaged, Semi managed, Full support?

Unmanaged Suport means that you the customer
are provided with FULL root access and so you
will take care for the management of the server
You can contact us for network or hardware related issues.
Fully managed support means that our technical department will take care of the management.

What payments methods you accept? Can I pay with Bitcoin?

We accept the following payment methods:
Bitcoin / zCash / Zencash / PayPal /
Credit Card (through paypal gateway)
Bank Wire Transfer upon request.

Do you keep any logs?

No we don't keep logs of your activity
However we do monitor our network for illegal activities
such as SPAM or DDOS attacks

Offshore VPS Hosting Done Right!

Yes, we know that there are thousands hosting providers out there! But we also know that 90% of them are good promises for quality & performance!

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over 12,000 developers , programmers and companies!
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