How to setup a video streaming server?

As of Q1 2018, over 80% of U.S. internet users are watching online videos.

The number of visitors who are expecting that your website is providing video streaming is increasing.

Of course, you can use services like Vimeo and YouTube to host your videos but then, you will be at their mercy.

Both are bombarding the audience with ads (including ads of YOUR competitors), you have zero control over the related videos which again can show videos of your competitors. And they also can remove your video without warning or notification. Running Video Streaming on your own server gives you freedom and complete control of the content that your visitors see.

Within this post you will learn how to configure and run your very own streaming server.





What is Streaming server? A server which delivers video content to your website's viewers by providing and sending a continuous video streaming information.

It is similar to web sever but the latest has a fixed amount of data which have to be delivered.

One of the primary things to consider when selecting your streaming server provider is the data transfer that comes with the streaming server plan of the provider.


In order to stream media your server will use a lot of bandwidth. If the bandwidth of the plan is low, you will be facing some difficulties and additional charges.


The best streaming server hosting solution is an unmetered server. What does unmetered means? It means that there is no limit on the data your server transfer over month.

CyberHour's unmetered dedicated servers are ideal for video streaming servers. They come with zero limitation in term of the bandwidth, and we don't cut you off if you hit a huge bandwidth usage like other hosting providers.